Being Introduced:Embroiled in the Wars of Illusion

Hello Friends,

I am asking advice on how to advance in The Wars Of Illusion quality.
I so far have progressed to phase one, (I believe through rare successes in The Flit) but for sometime now I have not been able to progress any further then that.

I am confident that my stats qualify me to this storyline but in the case that I am wrong my stats are as follows (with added on stats with items).
Persuasive: 208

Now with that out of the way when looking at the Quality under Story in the &quotMyself&quot page, the description says &quotBegin this story at Mahogany Hall&quot
The only mentioning of The Wars of Illusion in The Hall is that it is a requirement in order to put on the Illusionists performance on Saturday.

Thank you for reading, Delicious Friends and thank you for your knowledge.

Sincerely, Xilann Xi
edited by Xilann Xi on 10/14/2015

Have you been making use of bats or cats in the Flit yet? If not, that’s where you should be. Look for a storylet called “Wars of Illusion” (if you have that quality at 1) or storylets having to do with bats or cats (if your Embroiled quality is between 2 and 9).