Beginning the hunt

So I (sorta) recently reached the end of dangerous content, and having completed pretty much all my other prior thought out goals (That is: Becoming a monster hunter, getting a fancier house, becoming a monster hunter, getting a hound of heaven, becoming a monster hunter, beating jack once and for all, BECOMING A MONSTER HUNTER and getting the fancier dangerous items) I find myself working towards becoming a shattering force. To do this I have decided to, funnily enough, hunt monsters. The wiki seems to believe it’s not possible to go above 10 PoSB.

I know this is for a fact false, So naturally I’ve decided to take this to it’s logical conclusion and bring it as high as it will go. It seems fairly likely to me that if it’s less than or equal to 20, someone’s already done it, in which case I’ll max it out and life moves on, and if not…well… Suddenly I have a ob to do.

Plus the proceeds are easily enough pot towards progressing down my monster hunting ambition as well!

I would like to know however if anyone knows if there is a cap, and if so, what it is, so far I’m up to 12, and would like to know if it ends at 15 or something, so I can figure out which of the various options ends up being the best EPA, as opposed to just beating spiders senseless indefinitely.

It’s not that it caps at 10, but the quality title doesn’t change after that. One of my accounts has it at 25 and it’s still Storied Hunter.

Fair enough, I only assumed because it expressed that 7-10 is storied hunter, and that if it were suggesting that everything above 7 was, it would say 7+.

Regardless, is 25 a cap on the quality, or was it just when you called it quits?

That’s just where I called it quits for the moment. I imagine it’s uncapped.