Beginner With a Mirrorcatch Box?

Hello all! I’ve been playing on and off for about two years now, with various different characters (none of whom reached POSI, though my longest running got close). After an absence of a month or two I returned to a low-level character, only to find they had a mirrorcatch box in their possession. I haven’t done much of anything with them yet (all skills hovering around 30) apart from getting maybe a little too far into the Light Fingers Ambition - the challenges are getting to about 20% chances, so I guess the RNG just decided to let me shoot ahead ;P. Does anyone know where they could’ve gotten it? I’ve never seen an item that gives more than one or two points into the (what I presume to be) POSI stats, like bizarre, so +10 baroque was quite a surprise! Thanks in advance :)


The box came from the public intro to an Exceptional Story (i.e. paid-for content) a couple of months ago.

The Baroque stat isn’t POSI related, it’s related to Knife and Candle activity (inter-player dueling).

Ah, that’ll be it then. Thank you (and also for the info on the stat :p)!

The only really POSI-exclusive stat is Notability, which can be created from Making Waves, which are obtainable but useless before becoming a POSI. Bizarre, Dreaded, and Respectable are most relevant as a POSI as they discount the cost of gaining Notability, but items and challenges using them exist from the beginning.

Thank you for the explanation :) I’m hoping to actually reach that stage with this character, so it might come in handy!