Beeswax/scarab sources for non-important people?

Does anyone know a good source of Lamplighter’s Beeswax or Phosphorescent Scarabs at higher levels for non-Important people? The University is no longer an option for me, unfortunately.

When your Attending to the Needs of a Singular Plant quality is fairly hight but not high enough to join the Tournament of Lilies, you can find Scarabs scuttling about its extremities.

Unfortunately this only arises from an opportunity card rather than a grindable action. Still I do feel your pain as I am in much the same situation and, I suspect, for much the same reason.

A couple of other opportunity cards that can grant scarabs (though I don’t know when they lock. I know I haven’t seen the first one in some time.):
Debate with a philosopher at the Square of Lofty Words -> Repudiate an especially offensive hypothesis
The Ways of the University -> Glowing and chittering

You can also try actions that give you random rewards and pray fortune favors you. I know you can receive both scarabs and beeswax (though not at the same time) from Casing -> Decoy in the flit. Especially convenient if you’re planning a robbery anyway.

Finally you can try crafting your Appalling Secrets into Journals of Infamy and try for the fortunate result.
edited by Abraham Bounty on 2/16/2012