Becoming pally with The Wry Functionary

My relationship with the Wry Functionary is now at 2, and I need to increase it to 3 before I can bring him onto my lovely new newspaper. Are there any regular, reliable ways to increase my relationship with him without relying on card flips? I’m a PoSI with access to the Palace, Mahogany Hall, The Flit, the Labyrinth and the University. Thanks, all!

Unfortunately the only way I know to increase your acquaintance is with the “A Visit” card.

Might be possible to use, but that’s a rare success, so you’ll most likely end up wasting your time more. Go for the visit card.

Is there any way to force the visit card to spawn? I went through a run of pulling it a couple of weeks back, but nothing since…

The only thing you can do is to limit your card deck by unqualifying yourself from other cards and draw cards in a location with few location-specific cards, such as the labyrinth of tigers. Most importantly: have patience.
Keeping cards in your card hand prevents you from drawing those again as well.
edited by Aximillio on 6/4/2014

Thanks! Time for a lot of tedious flipping, I suppose…