Becoming Jack-of-Smiles

Is becoming Jack-of-Smiles worth the money? How many storylets and opportunity cards does it roughly include? And generally, what are the consequences of doing that? (I will be able to become me again at some point, right?)

Do not post the content of the story itself though, because it’s not allowed.

It is a temporary matter. It adds more content to the jack of smiles case, the consequence is, well, you killed a bunch of people. I mean, you’re Jack, that kind of thing happens.

It was fun. Then again your mileage may vary.

I enjoyed it. My alt account is hanging out in Flute Street right now so I haven’t gotten around to seeing how it compares to the non-Fate option yet, but it was fun.

Be warned that The Becoming Jack of Smiles option is very graphic. Those with weak stomachs or delicate sensibilites should likely choose the non-Fate option.

How many opportunity cards does becoming Jack unlock?

My secondary account chose this option, and I’m wary of repeating cards I’ve already played, for fear of reaching 9 before seeing all of the memories.

I’ve reached the point in my Jack case where I have to make this decision too, and I’m finding myself conflicted. I’m a little reluctant to pay for the Fate-locked option without knowing how much content it includes, and from a purely roleplaying standpoint, I’d be a lot more likely to go the safer, investigative route…but I suspect becoming Jack would be a lot more interesting.

I thought it was fun, and very atmospheric, but it wasn’t masses of content - so if your character tends towards the non-fate route, you wouldn’t really be missing a great deal to skip it. It’s a handful of opp cards, iirc.

At the end of the case, there is a fate option that will allow you to replay the story and choose a different path. So whatever you choose, you can always go back and try the other.

Mechanically, the big difference is that traditional detecting is done through the usual, grindable opportunities, while becoming Jack progresses through card draws. This does mean that becoming Jack takes longer - especially as there isn’t a huge number of these cards, or, at least, there wasn’t when I ran through it.

I found the extra content fascinating (and while it was more graphic than the norm for fallen london, I didn’t find it troubling at all). There was not an awful lot of it, though. Tesuji, I’d guess your second account probably found all the stories; I know I ended up repeating a few. I don’t know how the amount compares to other fate-locked paths, as this was the ONLY Fate I’ve ever spent (I’m saving up for an Ambition change, but I couldn’t resist this opportunity).

Is it possible to repeat this story? I missed it and now that I have NEX I kinda wish I hadn’t…

Once you finish the Jack-of-Smiles case there should be a storylet in your Lodgings to start it over again.

Thanks :) I’ll have to finish it first (khhhh, going to Polythreme again, I just returned from there) and I’ll start it over.