Becoming a Person of Some Importance

I’ve read that you’re supposed to start this storyline some time after your qualities hit 100, but I’ve been at more than 100 on all my qualities for a while now, and I still haven’t gotten this opportunity card. Is there anything I need to do that I’ve missed? I’m running out of stuff to do at the usual places.

Strangely, the card did come up on one of my other accounts, where I only have Shadowy at 100.

Been to your lodgings recently? I think I ran into the Lady there. If not I’d submit a bug report.


If all else fails, you can head to your lodgings and talk to the various people hanging around there. A lot of stories that used to only be obtainable through opportunity cards, such as PoSI, Theological Husbandry, Velocipede Squad, can also be started by talking to the folks there. And there doesn’t seem to be any difference on how you begin it.

Also double-check that you haven’t already started it and forgotten. If you have A Person of Some Little Consequence (under Progress, I believe), the descriptor for your current level should tell you where to go.

Thanks everyone! Aspeon was right, and the problem was indeed that I’d apparently already started the Person of Some Little Consequence story and had no memory of it at all (and the story continued in Veilgarden, which I haven’t visited recently). Now I feel properly silly, oops.