Becoming a Master

I don’t think i will get a proper answer, but has any human become a Master? Or are they simply another race of inscrutable immortal beings? Or in any case, has any human gotten close enough to the Masters that he/she has become intimately involved with the inner workings of the Bazaar? And would said human know what a master looks underneath the cloak?
Addendum: I wonder how feasible it would be to roleplay a master in FL?

You might enjoy this echo of a possible Destiny for the player.

Edit: By the way, top-notch forum name.
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Thanks indeed. The Road seems like a brilliant destiny, yet currently unattainable for me. But an interesting titbit indeed. And would I be right in assuming this is the storylet right before the “yes” or “no” option?
I do like your forum name as well.

There are several options that accompany this prophesied journey alongside the Masters. Halloween is soon upon us, and you will be able to see for yourself so long as you heed the words of the Black Constable who arrives at your door.

Special Constable, rather, and you’ll need 10 Fate to pursue the Long Road destiny. An additional 20 or so, along with a good deal of patience, will be necessary to pursue a certain other branch which I will not spoil for you.

There will still be something beautiful, no? ;wink wink*

I believe a man from the second or third city, although that may have just been a rumour. SpaceMarine9 would probably know (Because odds are i read it on his blog)