Becoming a Journalist?

Hello everyone. I was curious, how does one become a Journalist? I’m in the Minor Poet career right now, but I wish to start my path to becoming an author and I was informed that I must become a journalist first. Is it a profession I can just select once I resign as a poet or do I need a certain about of points in a particular field?

You can do it on the demi-monde card with 25 Connected:Bohemian, I think. (The wiki article)
edited by Aximillio on 6/22/2014

Yes, that’s how you do it. That’s also the card where you can upgrade from Journalist to Author (once you’ve written an Exceptional Short Story). You do need 25 Connected: Bohemian levels. If you don’t have access to the Shuttered Palace, it’ll be a little difficult to grind it. The way I did it was just to be patient, and use the opportunity cards that came up, particularly the Church/Bohemian conflict card, since raising Bohemian doesn’t use a quality check. After-Dinner Speaking (comes up at Persuasive 45) also is a pretty good source. Some actions in the Veilgarden will also give you some Bohemian connection points.