Becoming a Connoisseur

Some years ago, when things were very different, I played Echo Bazaar quite frequently and boosted all my stats past 140, and made an important something of myself. As far as I can tell, having these properties make me ineligible to gaining the &quotConnoisseur of Neathy delights&quot quality. Am I correct? If so, it seems rather backwards.[li]

You should still be able to get it; the easiest way was during the Feast of the Rose a while back, but the “A rather decadent occasion” card unlocked with Connected: Bohemian 10 will give you a point of Neathy Delights on a success.

Very good! A few drinks with friends and I should be miming an egg for fun and profit. Many thanks!

BTW, the Honey-Dens of Veilgarden storylet (where you take honey) will now boost it quickly and easily.