Beauty or Wit?

As part of the Name Signed With a Flourish Storyline, one can visit the Empress’ Court and romance either a Barbed Wit or an Acclaimed Beauty, or both. I chose Wit over Beauty, and currently have &quotSeen With a Barbed Wit 3&quot. In order to increase this quality, one could attempt to win the Wit’s favor directly (a difficult task) or curry favor by making a fool of the Beauty in the presence of the Wit (an easier task). It perplexed me as to why anyone would choose to romance the Wit directly, as it cost more actions to grind fascinating and did not take away Magnanimous or Steadfast.

It appears that one can choose to court both the Wit and the Beauty at once, which unlocks a special ending of pleasure leading to disgraced exile in the Tomb-colonies. My query is: does courting both the Wit and the Beauty unlock special storylets? Is your memento of passion different (better?) than if you chose one or the other? Does choosing to romance both give any in game benefits other than bragging rights?

DavidJ thanks you kindly.

A Hedonist increase? Above 10? I say! Why didn’t I hear of this before I got banished?

The main gameplay draw is just that you can get really high hedonist (up to 12 iirc). It’s how I bridged the 10-12 gap, myself.

There’s no additional stories after courting both, and afaik the memento is the same.

A long time ago, courting both Wit and Beauty at the same time grant you 1 Fate on completion - everything else is the same as a regular courtship, save for getting exiled to the Tomb-Colonies. Then someone basically spend 24/7 grinding it for Fate and FBG shut the Fate grind off because it is just too miserable (the Fate gain was so absurdly slow and you get no other reward for completion, so you are basically spending like a week grinding for 1 measly point of Fate.)
edited by Estelle Knoht on 6/14/2016