Beast of the underzee

I am currently working for a certain bishop, but despite sailing to Mutton Island and Hunter’ Keep, I have not found the fourth beast. Is my steamer not appropriate, am I missing something else, or is it just a matter of patience?

Have you got Troubled Waters at 11 or higher? If so, just keep drawing cards. You want ‘Thump! Scrrr…’

If your fourth beast is the Plated Seal, then you need to build up Troubled Waters in the Broad Unterzee until you reach the &quotFury of the Unterzee&quot level and wait for an opportunity card. You can find a useful guide here:

Just read the &quotinto the Fury of the Unterzee&quot paragraph, it’s exactly about this.

We’d recommend the following: get your &quotApproaching your Destination&quot to 9, then use the worse option on any cards that pop up following that, using stat damaging items to intentionally fail cards with skill tests, until you achieve Troubled Waters 11. Don’t worry; there’s nothing seriously bad that can happen to you on the zee (which is very odd). Once you’ve got your new animal, simply return to London and breed the beast as you see fit.[li]
edited by Snowskeeper on 2/10/2014

Thank you everybody! I never dared to let troubled waters get over 10, I was afraid of what might happen, so I didn’t think of this solution.