Beast Hunting

Having recently acquired a ticket to the Labyrinth of Tigers and a letter from Mr Inch, I find myself wishing to read said letter and yet being told that doing so will prevent me from any further ‘beast hunting’.

I’ve completed a couple of beast hunts already - the marsh wolves and the fungus tower if I remember correctly, and found them a little time-consuming and not very rewarding, but I know there are lots of other possible hunts including a goat demon and a more human-like animal. Are there any particularly good rewards or lore involved with these beast hunts that I will miss if I go straight on to Mr Inch’s new proposition?[li]

You get a unique quality for capturing a Spider-council, so if you’re disinterested in completing all the hunts I would suggest at least going for that one.

Personally, the following options offered interesting narrative which enriched overarching plots:

[ul][li]Hunt the Goat Demon (both dead & alive)[/li][li]Hunt a Spider-council[/li][li]Hunting that which walks on two legs[/li][li]Capturing a magician[/li][/ul]The Goat Demon’s hunt gave me particularly tantalizing clues. Actually, they were more puzzling than confirming, but they sparked new intrigue into Hell for me.

I’m definitely looking forward to heading into Hell someday. That and checking out the Pillars.

Ditto. I’m also highly curious about the Travertine Spiral and the Dawn Machine. I only learned of the Dawn Machine yesterday and I’m already hyped by its name alone!

Thanks for the replies.

I attempted the Spider Council, but my Hunt quality wasn’t high enough and I’m now feeling terrible, as some of my companions didn’t make it out and got their eyes taken.

Can anyone invent some head canon for me that makes me feel less guilty about this? :( People don’t get their eyes back when they return from the dead do they?

Where can we learn about the Dawn Machine? I’ve read about it on here on the forums and assumed it was related to the Cave of the Nadir but I didn’t find anything on it there. Did I not draw the card(s) needed for it?
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[quote=Elnara]People don’t get their eyes back when they return from the dead do they?[/quote]No, and just as well. I really wouldn’t want Spider Councils to take up agriculture.

[quote=Elnara]Can anyone invent some head canon for me that makes me feel less guilty about this?[/quote]Umm… they won’t starve, because they can go to live with the folk at the Observatory, who are not creepy at all. Braille has already been invented, and they can expect assistance from the Neath’s many talking animals, who are without exception kind. Also, they will never inadvertently glimpse a Correspondence sigil, or a subaqueous terror, or the thing in the Palace cellars. And it’s dark down here, anyway.

More seriously… blindness is an obvious hazard when hunting Spider Councils; your assistants knew the risk. Some may have been insured; Lloyd’s of London is famous for its willingness to insure against all sorts of things, after all. Their earnings were no doubt substantial enough to live comfortably on for some time. The Docks must have jobs which can be adequately be performed by a blind man and his Talkative Rattus Faber, and really, not seeing subaqueous terrors is pretty nice.
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Thankyou Flyte, my guilt is abated a little! I’m going to assume that they’d all insured themelves, and decided to encourage our group to attempt the capture before we were ready in order to collect on the insurance!

[quote=Corran]Where can we learn about the Dawn Machine?[/quote]It was mentioned briefly and recently by the Bazaar in one of its facebook/twitter feeds:
&quotWe do not dream of the Dawn Machine. We hope we never will. See that you are likewise wary.&quot

It’s also mentioned in Sunless Sea’s About page:
&quotThirty years ago, London was stolen, dragged underground. Now it rests on the shore of the Unterzee, that old dark ocean under the world. Steamships ply the wild black zee, between the Iron Republic and the Elder Continent, between the Travertine Spiral and the Dawn Machine…&quot

I’ve inferred it as an area we can explore.

It sounds an awful lot like it would be East, doesn’t it?

Significant bump, but this is what the forum search found! Does the storylet “A Letter From Mr. Inch” still prevent you from doing any beast-hunting? The storylet no longer bears the warning, but I’ve heard it elsewhere… I haven’t even started beast-hunting yet, so it’s a concern!

I have completed all of the Labryinth of Tigers content, and the Hunting Dangerous Prey storylet is still open to me in the Docks. Hope that helps.