Bazaar bugged?

Hello everyone!

For some reason, I can’t sell or buy any of my stuff anymore. Whenever I click &quotsell&quot it reopens a new Bazaar window on top of the old one… Has anyone else had this problem?

It works fine for me. Have you submitted a bug report? From the Help page:

[quote=Failbetter]Please report any bugs to with as much information on the problem as possible. Particularly important are your account name, the exact time and time zone the bug happened, what you were doing at the time, and the browser you use.

It’s nearly always worth clearing your cache and refreshing your browser screen first to see if this fixes the problem.[/quote]

I’ve noticed that happening in certain locations, such as Hunter’s Keep. It isn’t supposed to have Bazaar access (or at least it didn’t in the past), so the Bazaar is bugged there.

Ah, I’m at Hunter’s keep right now, gathering Searing Enigma’s for my Overgoat :D. I’ll check if it works if I’m back in London