Banished From Court

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How did you manage to do that in posting? o.o Um, anyways, you can get Banished from Court by working on Masterpieces until the Veteran Privy Counselor asks you to put on one final show for the Empress (Carving out a Reputation 4).

…This is the least readable post I’ve ever seen.

Actually on the topic, though, if you’re doing Heart’s Desire, you may want to put of getting banished until a certain step in that Ambition

Thank you for your information. I’m one of those people who hits a button on a computer and all Hell breaks loose. I appreciate your taking the time to decipher the undecipeherable.

Well, think of the bright side - when machines will try and take over the world, you will just press a button and save us all XD

Little piece of advice: at Court there’s a storylet (Life of the Mind) that gives one point of Making Waves per action. It can be very useful if you’re trying to get one of the higher-tier Professions, so you could ponder the chance to delay your banishment, though this means waiting to unlock all the Foreign Office’s content, as it had the Banished from the Court quality as a prerequisite.

I can’t for the life of me remember if there actually is anything important at the Foreign Office. I remember the Face and the Teeth and their recruitment strategies, but I don’t seem to remember any actual throughline there.

Yes I sort of regret being Banished, Foreign Office is just a Carousel and you have to pay with Compromising Documents to go back each time. Hopefully the story will continue at some point.

I’m definitely waiting for the day I can save the world from the take over of the machines…in the meantime I continue to randomly unplug mine just to remind them that I control their power source. Thank you all for your responses…I haven’t quite figured out how to respond individually yet.

Not a scientific method, but to answer to many posts in a single one (AKA: multiquote) you can simply:

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The Clathermont story just Wilmot’s End, you don’t need to get into the Foreign Office.

You can go to Wilmot’s End without a Foreign Posting.