Bandages and Dust Frequency?


I’m trying to use the Bandages and Dust Tomb Colonist card to convert collections of curiosities for puzzling maps, and I’ve noticed that this card seems to appear a lot less frequently than some other faction cards (like the Bohemian and Society cards).

I happen to have significantly higher connected with the Bohemians and Society than with the Tomb Colonists, could that be influencing the cards’ draw rates?

Is there any way to increase the frequency with which &quotBandages and Dust&quot appears? (I’m sitting on twenty collections of curiosities, just waiting for the card)

Thank you.

Aside from pruning your deck and living in one of the three card lodgings that block city vices cards, there is no other way.

Standard appearance. Sometimes you’re lucky, sometimes you’re not. I find I get it well before I get the Collection, so I just store it in my card collection (I have 5 card slots though, that may be too inconvenient for you)