Bad Real Estate Market

A consideration: Now that M. Penstock has a formal storefront at the Bazaar, when will we finally be able to sell those lodgings we’ve - alas - outgrown? I know as a wild and reckless youth I purchased a diverse portfolio of real estate, some of which are not, shall we say, providing the opportunities I would hope for… But in these times, tsk, who can find a buyer?

If only the Bazaar would provide a way for me to sell them back… Any hope for this?

While I would never sell any of my properties (the scrap is too valuable) I imagine those wishing to streamline their deck would find this helpful, I think it would be nice to have the option.

I can’t imagine why four people already have voted no. It’s a simple enough feature, it existing wouldn’t do any harm to you should you choose not to use it.

There’ll be a way to sell your lodgings in some way or another. The Orphanage and Salon both state that you’ll lose them if you sell your Handsome Townhouse.

That storylet, in fact, already exist sara. It has for a long time, as long as there have been orphanages and salons, but you can’t get to it normally. Having 1x salon or 1x orphanage and 0x townhouse keys triggers a must story that offers you the chance to hurriedly buy it back (or give up and lose your salon/orphanage). I know this because while you can’t sell your lodgings (which is what the storylet assumes/says you did) there used to be a way to give up all your lodgings and that would trigger it.

Actually the ability to switch between salon and orphanage is a very good reason to want to be able to sell ones lodgings. And since there is already an existing functional storylet that assumes the player did sell a lodging (even if that’s not currently possible) and the salon/orphanage mentions the ability to sell the townhouse, I’d say its definitely on the horizon as something that will get implemented one day. Its not really a question of if, but when at this point. This is a busy time of the year, but to answer your question, a sale of property will not be postponed indefinitely.

I will never sell one of my lodgings, but if someone wants, why not give the possibility?

Yeah, I knew that way existed. Knew that for a while, actually. ^^ I just meant that one day there will definitely be a way to sell your lodgings rather than just give them up.

[color=#009900]It will be possible to sell Lodgings at Penstock’s, but only once we’ve made some upcoming technical changes (eg, with Lodgings working as they do now, if you sell the key at the Bazaar you still live there). But this’ll be a little while.[/color][li]

That would be nice. I might consider selling one or two of my lower-level lodgings. Or I might cling to them for acquisitiveness’s nostalgia’s sake.

Never selling my rooms above a bookshop, even if the option there opened up by the Soul Trade is no longer economical. All those books! All those… Tantalising… Pages.
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[/li][li]Here’s a related question. Is it possible to buy an extra Lodging of a type you already own from Penstock’s?


I believe I read somewhere on this forum that someone tried buying a lodging they owned a second time, and that it worked. I doubt they gained any advantage from it, just a second key.

Thanks. I agree with you, Loon, that there will be no advantage to buying a second Lodging of a type you already own. That may change when we are able to sell Lodgings, however.

Yes, I did that as well (one can never have too many rooftop shacks, as they say). I will note that the opportunity does not seem to double in frequency, which was the only effect I’d thought it might have.

Mostly, though, I’m delighted to know I shall soon be in a position to divest myself of some of my more mundane accommodations…