Back-Compatibility User Profile Problem [BUG]?

So I picked up Sunless Sea and created an account in order to receive all the story updates through the in-game UI.

After playing it for a few days, I decided to try Fallen London. My email gets me past the initial &quotPlay for Free&quot screen, but then upon character creation using the SAME email and hitting &quotPlay Fallen London&quot generates a &quotThat email address has already been taken&quot error message. Presumably because I have used it to create an account for Sunless Sea, even though that game’s the reason I wanted to try Fallen London.

So um, yeah. You all folks need to seriously work on your exceptions. I get that you must have some inter-connectivity between the two games (hence the accounts being shared), but there was an obvious presumption in that you figured out a system for Fallen London players going to Sunless Sea, but not at all in the opposite direction. I’m getting screwed over here because someone forgot to think of a reverse case scenario I think.

Right now I’m locked out from playing your simpler but more developed (and I think potentially more intriguing) free-to-play game because I’ve enjoyed your more complex but less developed game that I paid money for. I have received no automated emails from Failbetter except for an email address confirmation back when I started playing Sunless Sea a few days ago. This is all backwards and you folks need to fix this before you **** off any more potential new players who you earn with cross-game awareness.
edited by MisterGone on 2/16/2015

I’m sure if you send an email to they’ll help you out and make sure future players can go from Sunless Sea to Fallen London without hassle.

Am doing this now. I guess I was hoping that there was another way to resolve this issue that the user base was aware of before having to contact support.

Thanks though!

Have you tried logging in with your sunless sea email address?

I can’t remember for sure what I did to create that character but at least one of my characters is from an account I created with sunless sea, so I’m pretty sure it should be possible. Unless there’s a bug.