Avoiding main stats?

[li]This may be an odd question, but how possible is it to get through the majority of the game while completely and intentionally avoiding a stat? To give you context, I am a recent PoSI and have raw stats of Watchful 95, Shadowy 71, Persuasive 73 (mostly unintentionally, since I’m aiming for a Watchful/Shadowy run) and Dangerous 22. Will getting through the trials awaiting for me with such a low Dangerous stat prove difficult?

It’ll probably get a bit annoying but it should be possible, also you won’t be able to do a bucnh of content. (LIke the Labyrinth of Tigers)
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The main thing you will miss is POSI status which unlocks, like, half the game. Like literally you get an entire second inventory just for hitting POSI status (which requires level 100 in all stats). You also wont be able to sail the sea or own a boat or visit the bazaar sidestreets or quite a large number of things really. That said, once you become a POSI, there’s nothing stopping you from chugging many bottles of oblivion and reducing your stats back down to nothing. I’ve tanked my stats down to 0 from cap roughly 4 times over and its not so bad- if you have POSI status. Once you unlock it, you are a POSI forever, even if your stats are gone.

You ca become a POSI by paying fate to skip those tests (which I assume is how the OP became POSI with dangerous 22)

I actually did that initially on my main because I had leveled my stats irregularly and was impatient, but i’ve since gotten my dangerous up to comparable levels to my other stats, so.

I think the main thing that was annoying was zailing places because there’s a number of dangerous challenges, though you don’t NEED to pass them, and the fact that certain ways to get POSI items were unavailable.

You are quite correct, I used fate to skip the Dangerous and Persuasive challenges, and Moods/Equipment to raise Watchful and Shadowy.

Yes, I quite fear how I’m going to get advanced items for Persuasive or Dangerous storylets, but I’m starting to consider simply making a second character who can do these things so I will see them, just in another person’s shoe’s.
Thanks for answering my potentially apprentice-level questions, people of this community. It’s nice to know Fallen London has yet another good mark-up on it’s records.


Out of interest, why are you avoiding increasing your Dangerous?

Well, I guess it mostly comes from how I usually play games when it comes to stats: I’m the type to choose the type of character I’m going to play from the start, bring up a main stat and neglect another one that doesn’t fit with the character, since what fun is there in having no flaws. In this case, I’m focusing Watchful and neglecting Dangerous.
Another reason may be that I simply didn’t see anything of interest in Watchmaker’s Hill or the mainly Dangerous factions, and thus didn’t naturally level up my Dangerous doing storylets associated with them out of pure curiosity.