August's Exceptional Story: The Tempest

Just started this, took an instant dislike to the kid, and things don’t seem to be improving as the story goes on.

I agree the lack of tie-ins to qualities was a disappointment. They’ve been getting much better at that type of thing in more recent times. Oh well.

Found it all a bit underwhelming if I’m honest. Not altogether sure why, but I went through the whole thing pretty unengaged and not caring what happened to anybody, which was the opposite of my reaction to being stuck in a tiny boat with three little wannabe pirates.

I find myself struggling to even start on investigating the girl’s past because I just desperately want nothing to do with her or her problems. Pity towards Slivvy is the only thing that can possibly get me through this story.

I have to admit, while I enjoyed the ES, I played it with one eye half-closed; the art of the urchin with a finger stuck up her nose was a major squick for me. Just, ugghhh.

Finally forcing myself to struggle through this story because it’s been holding up my entire ES backlog, and I just have to reiterate how much I resent being compelled by the writing to indulge, coddle, flatter and kowtow to this unpleasant child throughout. Having been roped into this entire disagreeable business against my will, I should at least be able to express myself candidly.