Audio-centric Performance Compendium

A list of FL songs and where they occur on the iOS version:
A notably empty list. Maybe you should contribute

I’m reasonably sure about:

[ul][li]Port Carnelian: Matters of State[/li][li]Iron Republic: Department of Menace Eradication[/li][li]Broad Unterzee: Undulata from the sunless sea album on…the zee…[/li][li]Wolfstack Docks: Wolfstack Lights, ditto[/li][li]Veilgarden: Carnival at Midnight[/li][li]Mahogany Hall: Carnival at Midnight[/li][li]Ladybones Road: An Embassy Waltz [/li][li]University: An Embassy Waltz [/li][li]Doubt Street: An Embassy Waltz [/li][li]Watchmaker’s Hill: New Newgate[/li][li]House of Chimes: House of Chimes[/li][li]Labyrinth of Tigers: Labyrinth of Tigers[/li][li]Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival: Mrs. Plenty’s Carnival[/li][li]Lodgings: New Newgate Reprise[/li][li]Shuttered Palace: Empress at the Window[/li][li]Nadir: Irrigo Below[/li][li]Wilmot’s End: Hunter’s Keep[/li][li]Flute Street: Peligin and Pearl[/li][li]Sea of Voices: Peligin and Pearl[/li][li]A place with very little screaming: New Newgate[/li][/ul](watch me edit this twenty times)
There are several unused tracks (or tracks that I haven’t heard yet, since there’s still several areas I can’t get to right now)
'm setting off to loop around the islands and polythreme again, so fare thee well.

The places I can’t figure out for the life of me, or can’t access
[li]Spite[/li][li]Flit[/li][li]Forgotten Quarter[/li][li]Bazaar Sidestreets[/li][li]Empress’s Court[/li][li]Newgate Prison[/li][li]Tomb Colonies[/li][li]A place of confusion, etc[/li][li]Mirrormarches[/li][li]the slow river[/li][li]Mind of a Long Dead God (which I could probably do the next time that card shows)[/li][li]Apis Meet[/li][li]
[/li][li]Polythreme (which I am zailing for, but please smokinghatbatcatman don’t let it be fluke’s fathoms)[/li][li]Hunter’s Keep[/li][li]Islands B, and C, and W[/li][li]
[/li][li]And the Destinies aren’t repeatable, the Sundered Sea is seasonal, and there’s all the exceptional stories ;-;[/li][li][spoiler] (Tell me about the special ambition areas if you go there!! like the vakely bag, the effulgent gallery,…old downy, dash it :/ or the orphanage! though I don’t think I’d dare a listen unless it’s just a loop of Pippa Soo singing who lives who dies who tells your story) and if anyone’s still doing flint – please, please tell me what music plays in caution, the forest, and the garden. I personally played through them while looping through sultry, storm stone salt and hull is other people, but I would love to know the canonical music for them, because I’ve been thinking about the - dissonance? kinda? of some of these music combinations, both in sunless sea and in fl (and not in any sort of ‘I wish it’d change’ way, just the plain old ‘I didn’t realise fbg intended this effect so now I shall tear these cryptic clues out of the living guts of the game and chomp on them for implications’ way)[/li]
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I would guess that Spite’s music is Crowds of Spite but if you’re correct about everything else there’s plenty of other music that doesn’t match up. Such as Flute Street not having Something of a Fluke. What’s up with that??

I listened to it again and Spite is definitely Crowds of Spite.

Polythreme and Grunting Fen are both Peligin and Pearl. I’ll check Flute Street again when I get back, if they’re repeating that one (but it wasn’t fast enough to be something of a Fluke.)
Corpsecage Island is Why we wear faces (snuffers on that island??)
Apis Meet is New Newgate, though I feel oddly like they may’ve changed it since the first day of release.
[li]Hunter’s Keep has Hunter’s Keep, thank goodness, and Bullbone also is Why we wear faces.[/li][li]
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  • Port Carnelian: Matters of State[/li][li]Iron Republic: Department of Menace Eradication[/li][li]Bullbone Island: Why we wear faces[/li][li]Corpsecage Island: Why we wear faces [/li][li]Apis Meet: New Newgate[/li][li]Hunter’s Keep: Hunter’s Keep[/li][li]Mutton Island: About your Business[/li][li]Sea of Voices: Peligin and Pearl[/li][li]Polythreme: Peligin and Pearl [/li][li]Grunting Fen: Peligin and Pearl [/li][li]Broad Unterzee: Undulata

There are more places at zee than I thought…

Bulbone and Corpsecage are locations of one’s scientific expeditions.
You might recall that the Dilmun Club sponsors your voyage of scientific discovery. Considering that factor, the music choice isn’t completely unprecedented.

There’s also Abbey Rock, Dr Vaughan’s Encampment, and the Brief Stop at Corpsecage for Bag a Legend!, Light Fingers, and Heart’s Desire respectively. I can check Abbey Rock at some point.

For Heart’s Desire you don’t actually change location - it is just a single storylet performed on the Unterzee that happens to reset your Journey.

Old Downy is not a location either, just another storylet.

Oh, yeah, I lost my screencaps so I probably have it mixed up with the dish and spoon. [li]
But I’d appreciate knowing what Abbey Rock sounds like, and the View from the Chambers of the Heart. And the Temple Club.
The Foreign Office is also Matters of State, fittingly.