Attend to Matters of the Heart

Hi Everyone,

I just started pursuing a relationship with another player but I’ve come across a problem. The game won’t let me choose them for any of the &quotTreat your sweetheart…&quot options. It cites issues about them missing qualities but I don’t know what that means. He’s got free evenings and I assumed he didn’t need to fulfill the requirements for the storylet (eg. confident smiles, quirks, etc.). Can anyone help me please?

I was under the impression that marriage is not currently possible in-game. This might not be the issue you’re experiencing - if it says you’re missing qualities then you probably are - but that is worth bearing in mind. I expect it will be reimplemented when things are stable within the two apps.

What are the two apps?

Awww I was afraid that marriage was taken away. I didn’t think it would keep me from utilizing the storylets though :c the other person is the one who’s missing qualities actually so I suppose I’ll have him figure it out.

As in, the iPhone and Android FL apps. They have a history of making social actions go weird, so for the moment things that rely on them (like marriage and Knife and Candle) have been disabled.

Oh! We thought there wasn’t an android version that’s great to hear :D Thanks so much for answering

The Android app is either very new or will be released in the next few weeks, the release date escapes me.

This says the 31st of August! Coming very soon :D

While engagement and marriage is currently on hold, that doesn’t prevent you from sending the Treat Your Sweetheart To… events. Is the person you’re Seen With in London proper, Esperanza? Can you send them a different invite, like Coffee at Caligula’s? If a player is in one of the menace states, at zee, in the Cave of the Nadir, or otherwise indisposed, they are unavailable for all social actions except for you writing them letters. Once they have returned, you can send them as long as you have the qualities and Free Evenings.

Lady Taimi Felix,

He’s new so he’s still mainly around London and his menaces are restrained. I’m able to invite him for coffee and chess but not a private supper or any of the “Treat your Sweetheart to…” events :c I have all the qualities and I’m sure he still has Free Evenings so I’m very perplexed. I mainly use the app while he uses the site so I’m wondering if a buggy situation is occurring like Barselaar proposed.

Did you send him a Calling Card?

Sara Hysaro,

That was the first thing I did so he could become my acquaintance. Then I asked him out to coffee and that’s the most I could get done with him other than chess :c

One of you has to Admit Your Affection first, which is expensive (love stories and romantic notions). Then the other options are unlocked.

Hm, I would recommend sending a bug report if you two are acquaintances, have Free Evenings, but can’t have Private Suppers. Something has gone wrong there.

On the other hand…there’s something exciting happening!

“TESTING: increment Engaged To”

With an unlock of “no Sinning Jenny’s Confessions” and “Proposing an Exchange” with someone.

I wonder what that’s about?


I admitted affection for him and that rewarded me with the Seen With status. I just can’t access the other options :c

Sara Hysaro,

Yea I suppose that’s the best course of action :c I hope it’s resolved soon

Thank you all for helping!

[quote=Teaspoon]On the other hand…there’s something exciting happening!

&quotTESTING: increment Engaged To&quot

With an unlock of &quotno Sinning Jenny’s Confessions&quot and &quotProposing an Exchange&quot with someone.

I wonder what that’s about?[/quote]

Woah where’d you read that, Teaspoon :o it sounds exciting

Yeah, I saw that earlier - looks like someone forgot to make that option invisible. Looks interesting!
I sent a bug report, but it’s a bank holiday tomorrow so I expect it’ll be around until Tuesday.

Yeah, I’ve been watching that too.