At a party, and I feel horrible

I believe I’m at my third party, and every time I go, I ask the turkish girl to dance with me. This is the first time I failed and I feel absolutely terrible for it!

I had the same experience! Tanith Wyrmwood comes from an Urchin background, and she learned to read later in life and with some difficulty. She was very upset, feeling like she of all people ought to have known better!

Turkish Girl interactions in various places around London are fantastically written, and it saddens me very much that we can’t even try to pursue her for Constant Companionship :(
edited by CatLady on 1/17/2018

Turkish Girl brings me down even on green straightforward challenges, she’s quite a wretch! But parties are difficult indeed, so I advise to equip a supply of second chances or a Mood for Persuaisive boost.