Ask Siri about Actions!

iOS 12 came out today, and it has a massively improved and official version of an app I previously used, called Workflow. It is now called Shortcuts (or possibly Siri Shortcuts), and it has some extremely impressive automation potential.

As a test, I decided to quickly make a shortcut that can tell you how many actions you have in Fallen London. Don’t worry, I already got permission to do this, and only unauthorised scripting/automation is prohibited.

To use it, just install iOS 12, then download the official Shortcuts app (which is literally just a renamed and updated version of Workflow, so if you had that app you just need to install the update), then open and enter your login info. Feel free to look at the thing itself first, if you are worried it will do something nefarious with it. If you don’t trust this enough to enter your password, go log into Fallen London while recording packets sent and received, and you’ll find that exactly the same packet is sent when you log in.

It makes two API calls: the first one, which is normally made by the Fallen London login screen, sends your username and password and receives an authorization token in response. That token is needed to do everything else.

The second call gets the contents of the sidebar, and extracts your current number of actions. Quite simple, really.

If you want this to work by asking Siri, you can set that up once you download the shortcut.
edited by Saklad5 on 9/17/2018

It seems like all of the shared shortcut links are not working right now, probably because of the massive amount of new traffic. For the moment, I’ll just put it in my public Keybase folder and link to it here: