Art Revamp Strikes Again!

If you haven’t done so, better clear your caches in browser because FBG is revamping some of their icons!
I have a hard time getting used to the new mysteries item because the lips look really rosy. The Cryptic Clue seem too bright as a small icon.

The new caperers look really neat! On the other hand I am missing the old one that looks like a zombie outbreak already.

edited by Estelle Knoht on 5/8/2015

There’s a very nice Bazaar card, too. I had it in my hand and then it changed and I was all ‘Ooooh!’

I just noticed they changed the letter graphic. It looks weird now but that’s probably just because I was used to the old one.

[li]The art for Foreign Currency is also quite distinguishable in it’s colouration now, it’s oddly quite purple-ish. In general everything seems a tiny bit brighter, which I’m not certain fit’s the rest of the design, but whatever.

First City Coins look very nice too:

edited by phryne on 5/8/2015

My secluded address and stains on my soul look different, too.

Secluded Address is gorgeous:

Small Cryptic Clue seems to beg for a redraw rather than mere downscaling, though. The symbols don’t translate well.
Oh, and the new Starveling Cat inventory/generic black cat looks wonderful too:

edited by Jeremy Avalon on 5/8/2015

Something really should be done to tone down the new Cryptic Clue icon. The detail is lovely but it looks very out of place.

Whoops, looks like only part of my cache was cleared. On doing a full clear, it looks great alongside its newly updated sibling icons.

edited by The Machinist on 5/8/2015

These are all really neat. :D

Super into the new extra-fungal &quotchurch fête on the south bank of the river&quot icon from the &quotAltars and alms-houses&quot opportunity card!

New icons today for Urchins, Magnanimous, the Cards so associated with Heart’s Desire and the Glass, the ubiquitous Lens icon (Nephrite Lens, Solving Cases, Patent Scrutinizer…), and Master Thief (and Hastily Scrawled Warning Notes).

I’m particularly fond of the new, distinctly grubbier urchin, and of the fresh bait for us players of faro, baccarat, and certain games with stakes higher yet.


Myrrh-Scented Roses look different, too!

I am quite intrigued by these recent developments. However, is this merely a refurbishment or the prelude to new stories and additional content?

New Fascinating small icon is nigh-unrecognisable - just a scale-down does not work.

Was the great game card’s art also updated today, or did it happen earlier and I missed the fact?

edited by Szadovar on 5/14/2015

Yep, it was updated today. ^^ A lot of the new art looks so nice.

A little of column A, a little of column B?
When Sunless Sea was out a lot of new art was transported here, although that’s just art update in general.
Then you have the Prim Baronet, who suddenly got his portrait about… a month or two before the EF change.
Seems like nowadays we are moving away from sodding beige to sodding blue after Sunless Sea came out.

I agree the roses and the urchin need some adjustment though. The lack of contrast make the thumbnail kinda hard to see.

I’m sad because I really liked the old great game icon and I don’t like the new one that much. I can’t put my finger on exactly why.

It looked friendlier. This one is dark and sinister looking. I like it, but I can see why you’d prefer the lighter one.

I’m curious as to whether the Nex Refill image will be changed to go with the new luck / cardfan images. I guess it’d look something like this?


I hope they get to rather elderly images like the Duchess at some point - she’d look really cool revamped!