Area: Wolfstack Docks

The Docks: Home to zailors and those daring enough to venture through the horrors of the Unterzee. Many a salty and seasoned vet venture here for many forms of business. Do you feel adventurous? Perhaps a zailor will ferry you to where you need at Gibbet’s Wharf. Feeling like strong ale and conversation? The patrons at the Blind Helmsman might be what you seek. There you can discuss with like minded thrill seekers and if you feel daring, than come by at night for something more. Or maybe you’re feeling favorable to the men that stake their lives here? There does seem to be an odd commotion by the docks as of late.

But regardless of what you seek, there is surely someone to converse with or something to do. Choose what feels natural and keep your fists close. Never know when someone might itch to challenge you.

[ I noticed there was no area based threads in this subforum. So I thought I’d give it a shot with an area I’ve had in mind for a while. This is an open thread for anyone that feels like roleplaying the Docks. Of course forum rules applies and be mindful of being courteous to others. If you have questions or want to roleplay something specific, just simply PM someone. ]

There’s an ebony lass on the docks in the morn. Her stride exemplifying one whose run most of their life. But her stance seems reserved than usual. With a scarf adorning her crown and her locks tied back, she looks onward at the strange commotion at the wharf. There’s a tentacle, gripping tightly to a young lad whose clinging to the dock as if it was his lifeline. Several onlookers stop in shock crying for someone to save the boy. There is one who even starts selling food and profiting off the spectacle.

But she stays, expecting what she would claim to be a &quotheroic b_____d&quot to come running off the docks to punch the beast back to Zee. It always happens, she always watches, and life here moves on.

[quote=Amelia Syrus]
But she stays, expecting what she would claim to be a &quotheroic b_____d&quot to come running off the docks to punch the beast back to Zee. It always happens, she always watches, and life here moves on.[/quote]

On cue, Morkan runs up and pull out his rifle. The tentacle takes a bullet and release its grip on the boy, then Morkan dives and catch the boy just in time. Some of the onlookers swoon at him, and the food-seller swears darkly and walk away. He himself does not stay long.

Further down the docks Absimiliard, the Curious Captain – dressed in uniform – is leading a group of zailors in an old zee-shanty. The tune and words date from before the Fall – but tradition long-since devalued by time has ever been the way of sailors, zailors, and the Navy.

The crowd is a mix of zailors from various ships, most from the ‘Brazen Hussy’ – having just returned from Zee. The mass of men and women surrounding the Captain sing and pass several bottles between them.

The Captain is a very engaging and active lead singer. Their motions are broad, easy to read, and timed perfectly to the music. They move around the group, constantly encouraging the crowd to sing louder. As energy builds they take it in and redirect it back out to the audience, building and rebuilding it until the crowd roars along with them in the chorus and they are free to add a solo melody to it.

[OOC: Abs does Not look a thing like David Coffin, but they lead a song much like he does. David Coffin - "Roll the Old Chariot" - YouTube ]

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Ah, there’s the heroic b_____d. Right on cue the lad is saved and thanking his rescuer. Amelia looks less than impressed, only ever chuckling when the vender scoffs and leaves. &quotShoulda banked on a hero,&quot she shouts over to the vender. But her voice is quickly muffled out from the now uproarious shanty. Though she doesn’t join, the tune is swept into her heart and she moves away from her spot. In silence she moves like a shadow, sweeping through the jaunty crowd. But not to pinch a pocket (for once). She has a job to do and searching for her targets is why she’s really here.

So far all she sees is the usual. A few blokes she’s tussled with and the usual blood thirsty spectators from different rings. Though she does catch sight of the Captain and gives him a solemn nod before disappearing through the crowd again. Someone else catches her eyes too though she cannot recall where or who the bloke could be. Her search eventually ends and she stays on the outer edge of the crowd. Though disappointed, she starts singing in hopes it might get some sort of attention.

Joining the crowd does indeed produce some kind of attention. One of the half-empty bottles being passed around is pressed into Amelia’s hands.

The next song is a sad one, about leavings, and the hardness of life at Zee. [ Johnny Collins - Leave Her Johnny (sea chantey) - YouTube ]

At the end many zailor’s cheeks are streaked with tears, including the Curious Captain. They grab a passing bottle, and in a long pull finish it and toss it into the Zee, “Our tears, for you Salt – take this gift and take us not when we go to Zee.”

With that Absimiliard makes ready to depart, though the crowd does not lessen and another singer soon steps into the center to lead the crowd further.

Amelia doesn’t hesitate to chug some of the contents down before passing it along. The swill settles in her stomach nicely and she finds herself joining in with enthusiasm this time. Though sorrow does grip at her, she doesn’t shed a tear and has to fake her sorrow to those around her.

She departs before a new shanty starts, searching the wharf anew. Though her expression lights up when she sees one of her targets. A mangy looking bloke with an eye patch over their left eye. She approaches them, cracking her knuckles with heavier steps than before-

They run off.

&quotCome back ‘ere, ya bloody feckin’ yella bellied-&quot Her words continue in uproarious slang. It shifts to Irish curses and slangs before she spits at the ground. This is the fifth time since she took on this job that she seen one of their own run from her. Has her reputation proceeded her? Is it because she started getting involved with the Black Ribbons? She’s uncertain. But the ire stays on as she combs the docks anew, looking for those bloody cowards in hiding. The only benefit is the zailors that hired her should be able to zail and skim in peace.