Are you Persuasive 70 or Shadowy 70? Please help.

I’d like to &quotArrange for a theft from the Museum of Mistakes&quot which requires an accomplice with either Persuasive 70 or Shadowy 70. Can anyone help me?

Sure, I would be interested if I don’t need access to it myself. Send an invite to my character Owen Wulf. He may be aligned with the Constables, but he’s not above a little larceny to hone his skills.

Thanks. Now, I’ve managed to spend the ‘Cryptic Clues’ I need to initiate this. I don’t suppose you know a handy way to pick up ‘Whispered Secrets’, the precursor element?

I’m always willing to help. I generally accept all invites I’m eligible for, but I am often slow…

DragonRidingSorceress is always willing to help.

Let me know if you still need the assist. I have persuasive above 70.

Edit: Sorry folks, ran out of coins!

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Given the small number you need, an easy way to acquire secrets is to go to Spite, head down an Alleyway and explore the Cats of Spite. You can then sneak up on cats, who will give you Whispered Hints (the first two options) or Cryptic Clues (the second two). The black cat is not the highest-paying option in terms of actual value per turn, and in any case gives Appalling Secrets, which does not help you. Depending on what your Shadowy is, I would chase the fastest cat (up to grey) that you can catch with, oh, an 80-85% chance of success or higher. If that cat gives clues, you’ll be set. If it gives hints, you’ll just need to do a simple conversion.
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I can help. Though I will expect a favor back.

I’ll be happy to help, I’m pretty quick to respond. So feel free to add me:

I could help myself if you’re interested. I also have 30 First City Coins I could send you right away if you add me.
My Shadowy is 105 and my Persuasive is 81 (with equipment), so I should be able to make that theft.
The link to my profile is in my signature.

Eddy Gale loves a good theft, and the museum is -so- very badly guarded… if anyone requires this, send Eddy an ingame letter and let them know, yes?

Quite happy to play along if someone needs an accomplice. I also have a bunch of first city coins so if you send me a social action with your request, I’ll be happy to send them on.