Are there Truffles in London?

Could that be what the Paris business is about? Everyone knows the best truffles come from France; is it possible Fallen London has been cutting into Paris’s profits?

Only Fallen London could make a huge international to-do about mushrooms!

The irony of course being that like so many products found within the Neath, their quality would diminish rapidly on the Surface. What may be an exquisite black truffle down below could be little more than slimy, ashy mush up above

I get the feeling that if one took proper precautions neathian goods could be delivered safely to the surface. At a nominal fee of course.

Isn’t this something you can do with your aunt?

Isn’t this something you can do with your aunt?[/quote]

Maybe that’s where the “nominal fee” comes in. She’s certainly costing ME a fair bit of glim.