Are social actions glitching out again?

I’ve been trying to send a message reply to another player in the game via social actions (as I normally do), but at the moment it’s not working. I’ve tried using an Alt, and my ‘nurse wounds’ action went through once, but alas I used it to say that I was having glitches with the game and that I’d follow it with what I was actually trying to say - and now, cannot.

I’m using Firefox, so I did the unthinkable… but alas, using Internet Explorer to try and send a social action didn’t work either. :-p

I don’t use the App at all, so it shouldn’t be that. I’ve encountered this in the past but can’t remember what caused it or how it was fixed.
So I just wanted to ask if anyone else was having this error, or was it just me?

(Attempting to send social action - sparring, etc - the animated hat icon appears as if loading next window, but no Actions are spent and it ends up with a blank frame until you hit the Story tab, etc., again. I definitely have internet, so that shouldn’t be the problem, and changing characters didn’t fix it properly, nor did using a different browser.)

Still not working, and using ‘Write a letter to another player’ had the same effect (or lack thereof.)

Social actions work for me (in Firefox, too) and have been without hitch or glitch. You should probably send in a bug report?

I guess so. It’s still continuing, and I’m presently unable to reply to people who’ve sent me messages. :-s

I know I’ve had this before, but I can’t remember what caused/fixed it.