Are my numbers right? (Very high Shadowy grind)

Currently getting my last few stats to 200. As you do.

Shadowy’s currently in the low 190s, and for the past few weeks (170+) I’ve just been hammering at one-action stuff in the Flit, because it’s hard for me to get it low enough now even to get a 90% chance at anything, and I don’t want to spam social actions all over the place (or take the Making Waves hit).

However, I just took some time out to gain some Connected: Criminals, and decided to do it by grinding up Casing and cashing it in. Imagine my surprise when I realised that trading in 10 points of Casing to criminals (‘Pass on information to a colleague’) also gives you 10 points of Shadowy.

I have now moved from gaining 1 change point per action (ouch) to…

5 actions with Gang of Hoodlums -> Gain 18 change points of Casing
(1 action) Trade 10 change points of Casing -> Gain 10 change points of Shadowy

Working out the relevant ratios, it seems that grinding Casing and trading it in gives a return of 2.5 Shadowy change points per action. That’s pretty damn impressive (and involves a lot less clicking). Actually it seems like a better change point return-on-investment than most things, and possibly even than the social actions (which can be random and also cost you things).

Am I missing a much better way to do this, or have I simply found a sweet spot that’s easily overlooked?

I think if you asked most of us for a good high-level shadowy grind, we would have pointed you towards this. It’s not obvious, as you pointed out.

Still, you have the satisfaction of having found it for yourself, which is the whole thrill of discovery!

As a stats gain expert, that is the method I typically recommend. Accepting black wings absinthe requests is also pretty good if you don’t mind 3 cp of scandal (such as during hallowmas) and have a well stocked friend. I think absinthe is like 5 cp shadowy an action discounting the scandal.
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Personally I stopped grinding shadowy at 165 since more shadowy will not bring me much, natural growth seems to be enough. I’d recommend doing the box of intrigue, which gives you a decent income (>1.7 epa?) and require high shadowy to get 90%.

The best way to grind stat upgrades is through the use of Second Chances, as far as I’m aware; you can get those most easily through social actions available at your lodgings.

Shadowy second chances can be pretty rough though. Loitering not only lowers making waves it also damages connected society. This makes it more expensive than other second chances options under most conditions. Arguably not so bad if you and your partner prepare in advance to have no waves or society to lose, but realistically casing cash in on the Flit is a lot easier to manage and gives very good co per action even relatively speaking.

While the return from the affair of the box is undoubtedly superior, don’t forget that you can cash in up to 500 cps of Connected:Criminals for a couple of magnificent diamonds and a couple of ostentatious diamonds (and a point of suspicion), via an implausible penance.

Not the most efficient grind in the game, but the connected:criminals doesn’t need to be wasted.

As of this moment, I am stat-capped in three stats! Thanks everyone. While you’re here, would you care to advise me on how to increase Dangerous from its current ~170 up to 200 most efficiently?

Indeed! And a delightful discovery it was. To be fair, I hadn’t thought I was the only one to spot it, more that it seemed unusually beneficial in terms of change points.

You most certainly are. Hope all continues well with you, o doyenne of Seekers.

Edit: Oh yes, I did also have fun about a week ago chugging my entire cellar of Black Wings Absinthe. As a Shepherd of Souls I can get away with this kind of thing fairly easily.
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