Aproaching the Gates of the Garden?

is there any way to grind it? I need 15 to get the sponsorship from his amused lordship at the dilmun club, but I seem to never get the seekers of the garden card nowdays.
edited by ochrasy on 12/20/2014

Depends. If you’re in your lodgings, you can also draw the “Mysteries of the Neath” Card, which has a social action that allows you and a friend (if accepted) gain some AtGotG and 111 Whispered secrets.

You can also get it from some cards in the Mirror-Marches, but not reliably. The best way to get it is one of the Fate-locked options in the Foreign Office, but I don’t know how far you are from that/if you’re willing to spend that much.

thank you! I don’t have access to the foreign office yet and I also don’t have any fate, so I’ll stick to flipping cards at my lodgings.

You can try going to hunters keep, talking to Cynthia gives 1 cp per action
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If you have a decent supply of Tales of terror!! and visions of the surface, you can do the fidgeting writer up to glimpse of something larger, and cash those in for 5 cp each. You’ll also get collated research. Otherwise, a lot of dream cards are good, and there are quite a few sources if you die.
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You can also reliably increase AtGotG… by dying…

Hey, don’t look at me like that. I got my sponsorship through lots and lots of chess.

thank you all for the tips! I’m… almost dying AND getting sent to the mirror-marshes, so I’ll check my options in those places.

also, I didn’t know about the fidgeting writer story. that was pretty awesome.