Apologies to 'Delving .. 's unexpected visitors!

So at some point after 11.30 this morning, I finished off ‘Delving the Vaults’ twenty-sixth’s storylet -

And it promptly went live.

It was not polished. It was not even hovering in the general vicinity of polished.

This was absolutely my oversight, and I want to extend my apologies to the handful of players who leapt headlong into unsolvable conundrums and, quite possibly, an unending circle of nightmarish dream sequences. To the one or two who might actually have made it down into the Vaults themselves at the end of all that, I offer my particular apologies.

I’ve removed it from the listing, just as I ought to have removed it pre-emptively this morning, and shall be doing my best to get a more palatable version up by next week so that players can untangle themselves. Thank you very much for your interest! … but I’m so sorry.

Particularly about that bit with the paper-shredder. God
edited by ArianeEmory on 1/9/2013

Or an epic bit of guerilla marketing where you’ve got people into it, denied them any completion and then taken it away and told them have to wait. They’ll definitely be back, and will tell people about it which makes them curious to try it. And you get to lower expectations in the mean time!

Not at all saying you actually did that, but it would be a great way to suck people in before it’s even been released! I’ll certainly have a play lol.

I gave my inadvertent beta testers a trophy!

spiralx: you just made my day. g While I promise it was not deliberate, ‘getting them into it, denying them completion, and then taking it away and telling them they have to wait’ is one of my favourite game mechanics! There’s nothing like a little frustrated tension. g I hope in the future to include so very much of it. And thank you, it’d be great to see you there!

HanonO: thank you so much for letting me know I wasn’t the only one. g I’d really wanted to do something like that! But analytics just shows numbers, not character names. Perhaps they never actually got past the front page? If so, I’m deeply relieved. g

What I did was make a must card for anyone in the world without the beta tester quality and without the stranger quality that had a game end effect and gave them the persistent trophy quality so they could keep it. You don’t need to know who it is.

I themed mine as “guards discover your unexpected presence” with explanatory text and an apology .