AotB + Turncoat

Does resetting the box thing remove Turncoat? Because I would endure that entire carousel again to get rid of that pesky little menace icon.

As far as I’m aware the Turncoat menace extends to several storylines, so I think it always sticks. It’s odd that there’s no way of lowering it since I accidentally raised it by doing the 7x favours Implausible Penance.

You just need Turncoat at 4, Survival of the Affair at 12 and Shadowy up to 120 to open this option in Spite.
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I’ve tried Traitor’s Feast before, and it doesn’t do what I want. I can either be stuck with the misclick faction, get turncoated again, or pay hefty amounts of connected…

I only do the AotB via opp. cards myself. There’s always a conflict card (or three) I don’t care about. I know that doesn’t help once you’re already a turncoat, but if you’re able to pay the fate to reset turncoat it can stop you from becoming one again. (experience speaking)

Hahaha no.

I personally go for the fate option when it comes to the traitor’s feast.

I would recommend grinding Connected: Revolutionaries and go for the “Paying the anarchist’s dues” option to remove turncoat. If you are a Scholar of the Correspondence you can grind Connected: Revolutionaries in the Forgotten Quarter if you do the “A Public Lecture” option from “Reaping the academic benefits”. (gives you 15 points of Connected: Revolutionaries, Society and Bohemians and one point suspicion)