Anyone want suspicion?

I really need to get rid of my suspicion! Reply here if you need any.

Suspicion is one of those Menaces where there isn’t a lot to gain from maxing it out, except for maybe meeting the Repentant Forger but you only need to do that once. The other drawback of Suspicion is that being sent to New Newgate Prison results in your ‘Criminal Record’ Quality increasing, which permanently reduces (and eventually negates) the effectiveness of Absolution Solution when it reaches a certain point.

So I won’t expect you’ll have many takers for this - but do send some Suspicion to Nekodemus ( ) sometime within the next day or two, and I’ll make sure it gets dealt with.

What I’d recommend doing is meeting a few other players (possibly through the Introductions thread or the Young Turks Club thread - or just on the forums in general), and that way when you and a friend both have Menaces that need reducing, you can get help from each other and trade your Menaces away. :-)
There are ways to reduce Menaces without using social actions, but social actions tend to be more efficient in my experience.

Okay thanks!