anyone looking to raise unaccountably peckish?

I’m willing to send a Starveling Cat back and forth to anyone who would also like to raise theirs (1 CP each time you send it)–I was attending the Duchess’ salon but the nightmares are escalating too quickly, so I’m going to educate Lyme instead, but this would give another avenue of attack. Thanks.

I wouldn’t mind doing it a few times, actually! I’ve got 17 UP at the moment, which makes it rather difficult to raise by conventional means. I am currently at a point where I’m getting killed and imprisoned fairly regularly, though, so I may not be able to return it on the dot. Might be an hour or two’s delay.

Thanks–Lyme is a really lousy way, it turns out, because you lose much faster than you gain, so I’m up for as much as you want! (Just say when in a message when you send it back, whenever.)

Thank you! I’ll send it back momentarily - I went to do so, but forgot what I was doing and went and took laudanum out of habit. xD Give me a few minutes.

No worries, no rush. We are all subject to the candle’s refill, after all.

My alt would be very interested. Goes by the ambitious title Seeker of Names.

Okay; the Cat is currently with Mercer, but when it comes back I’ll send it along to you too.

Sent it back! Quite sorry about the wait. I’m a bit busy with other actions right now to continue, sorry.[li]
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My Unaccountably Peckish is now high enough for me, but anyone else who’d like to advance it, I’m still happy to help by Cat-swapping.