Anyone feeling a little bit left out this feast?

[quote=Lewis Brown]Relogging did the trick. Thanks for the tip.
Feel like exchanging pseudo-platonic gifts of fungi?[/quote]

Glad it helped!

My Twitter handle is @HelenKeeble - let us swap delicious candied mushrooms!

Added, delicious friend! Allow me to introduce myself with this delightful bouquet of mushrooms…

If anyone’s looking to exchange gifts, I’m available

All but one of my Fallen London acquaintances appear to have returned to the surface, leaving me quite at a loss when it comes to social interaction. Ask for @FletchrHonorama and I will be happy to reciprocate any and all friendly and flirtatious behaviours - I have been a little reclusive in recent times, but I still remember the way to the tomb-colonies like it was yesterday …

I’m sending out as many gifts as I can.

…Are there ways of gaining Romantic Notions besides the various Feast storylets and converting Honey in your inventory? I’m not Important yet, btw.
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Those well-connected to both the Brass Embassy and the urchin gangs should look to their opportunities. Those willing to devote considerable time to the interaction will be rewarded with half a dozen mysteries from faraway lands and half a gift’s worth of romantic notions.

The reward for mediating the dispute between the Church and the bohemians, after undertaking a similarly lengthy process, is enough to supply a whole gift’s-worth.
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I think I may have to retract my earlier statement, after noticing just how low my stocks of honey are.

I would be most pleased to take this opportunity to meet new acquaintances. Feel free to call upon @Kaanyia - So long as my supplies hold out I would be delighted to engage in exchange of gifts.

I am always up to giving and receiving social actions.
Just to Gifts of Scorn, please. Don’t be a jerk!

would anybody be willing to an exchange of a Gift of Transcendent Devotion? I would be honored and eternally grateful if that was the case :)

I would very much like to exchange gifts :) @MidnightJasper

I’m quite glad for these forums, before I had no friends playing whatsoever, couldnt get people interested. (Most of them hate twitter and only got Facebook under protest) It works perfectly well to play the game that way, but it felt a little lonely. The forum provided a great place to meet people you can follow to play with. They’ll know oyu somewhat since hey, you’re that guy from the forums. Something I’d be interested in is some kind of roleplaying group, I’m already engaged in a minor one at the Fabularities, but it’d be nice to have the oppertunity to flesh out my character.

I’d love to add anyone on Twitter who is looking for more game contacts - my Twitter is @aichudechu, I added a few of you from this thread if you see me following. Feel free to add me (and block me if you hate my normal tweets, as I can’t manage multiple accounts), and invite me to anything you need help with - I will return the favor! :) My coworker got me addicted a few days ago, and I have been getting steadily frustrated that so many actions require suckering others into the game, as I hate getting tons of random game notifications on FB, but a twitter-using method is fine with me!

I’d gladly share gifts - so far, I have been one of the lonesome players. My account on twitter has been solely for Echo Bazaar shenanigans: @frankly_thunder.

Thank you :)
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