Anyone else's Talk of the Town value go insane?

Within the last day or two, I noticed that I had TotT 384990, when it should have been 13 (on Android, if that’s relevant). Additionally, clicking for more details seems to suggest that the number of change points required per level might be >70 (but less than 384990), which is somewhat weird. And when I used cashed in for Favour in High Places (since I had enough for it anyway), I lost 2 levels of TotT, to 384988, which is clearly not right even at only 50 CP/level. (Not that that matters, since I assume my TotT will be reset to a sane value eventually, and I am tracking increases and decreases to avoid benefiting from this weirdness and to be able to report what it should be whenever it gets fixed; but it’s further evidence of something weird going on.)

Obviously, I’ll send this as a bug report to the relevant email address. But I want to see if this or anything similar has happened to anyone else (since if it’s just me, it could plausibly just be physical data corruption, although the weirdness with changes seems to make that a bit less likely). I have not seen any evidence of other stats being affected weirdly.

I’ve heard of bugs like that affecting the app, if that’s what you’re using.

It is, yes. Thanks.