Anyone else having a problem with the Bazaar?

I just went to sell some stuff, and the arrows at the bottom of the Bazaar page to advance through the inventory are gone. This is especially vexatious, because of course the high-ticket items are on the latter pages.
Already sent a bug report, but I was wondering if anyone else was experiencing this?

– Mal

You are not alone. Only one page for me as well; not that I was planning on selling anything today. But I do hope that it is fixed soon.

Yes, even after reloading (and disabled cache).

[color=#C2B280]Pagination is indeed currently not working on the Bazaar tab. We should have a fix in place tomorrow.

Edit: it should in fact be fixed now.[/color]
edited by Flyte on 11/5/2015

In fact, it is fixed now. Thank you, Flyte & Co.

– Mal

The Page indicator is now broken it remains stuck at 1