Any way to lower/reset Family and Law quality?

Well, it’s pretty much all in the title I guess; is there any way to lower or reset your Family and Law quality? My current level of this quality is 4 (Finished for the moment), as I pretty much breezed through the whole Last Constable/Cheery Man storyline without even realizing it properly. Stupid move on my part I guess, but either way I’d like to redo this story, so if there’s a way to do so I would very much like to know. Any help is much appreciated![li]

I don’t think you can at the moment.

Okay, sad to hear that. But thanks anyway!

Man I know that feeling. I’d gladly pay 20 fate or so to redo it myself. More to have it continue xD.

I’d pay that much just to get my dangerous living story back. :(

That’s sad, I really liked the Last Constable :(