Any user manual or documentation?

Hello friends.

I am completely new to this forum and this game. I am really enjoying it so far, but I stopped in today to ask if there is any sort of &quotquick start guide&quot, or &quotuser manual&quot, or even just a control scheme list available. Mostly I am able to understand how things work, but, as an example, I just accidentally hit the &quotR&quot key on my keyboard and now my ship is constantly repairing itself with supplies and I can’t find a way to stop it. Hitting &quotR&quot again isn’t working.

Is there any sort of manual or user guide available?

“R” again should turn it off. “E” is dock and undock.

“WASD” are the directional buttons and “Z” is to use the Zea-Bat. C"C pulls up the Chart, “G” for the Gazetteer.

That’s all the ones I can recall off the top of my head.

Thanks very much. If it’s that simple I suppose it’s not needed. I appreciate it.

Also, this:

Can anyone explain what F and L are for and why I would use them?

“F” should be Full Power, which is dumping an extra unit into the engine to attempt to get a small burst of speed (and possibly setting your ship on fire.) “L” should be for turning your lights off and on, which could be used to avoid getting the attention of something nasty that hadn’t seen you yet. running with lights off gives lots of Terror, though.

Also the lights consume fuel

Thanks. Testing it out it seems that headlights cost about 1% per second, equivalent to running at speed 2, so if you have both, it costs 2% fuel per second. Also, headlights off gives brown level terror even within in a coastal or buoy radius.

I guess one could hug the coasts and repeatedly turn the headlights on and off to save fuel, but it would be very tedious to be constantly toggling L every 6-7 seconds, particularly because of the current UI for terror indicator - it’s too damn small for something that is a core game mechanic.

The key, I’ve found is to not waste a second of your time. Always be doing something or heading somewhere, even if it’s just hunting baby crabs to keep your hunger down.