Any politics used to divide citizens of the Neath?

I was thinking of starting or joining a role play story in Fallen London, but, not counting actual factions like Revolutionaries and such, I needed to know if there are any ‘owned’ political parties used to distract and divide the citizens of Fallen London–political parties whose rival leaders are of course owned by the same dark interests and both funded by the same dark evil.

NOT that the masters of the Bazaar need to perpetrate such a thing on the citizens, but… I’m looking for a good distraction that would help further divide, disarm, and stupefy Fallen London’s citizens to be harvested by something that feeds on them or their souls while basically destroying Fallen London, something EVERYONE in Fallen London from the Brass Embassy to the Church should be unified in fighting against but instead are completely manipulated by…
As an American I’m quite familiar with how such a menace works and feeds on the population, but I’m not familiar with how the similar forces work over there in London.

Any suggestions or ideas on this matter?

So you’re thinking more of things like the Calendar Council within the Revolutionaries? or those sorts of things?

Is the Calendar Council actually an evil that wants to feed off of everyone or destroy Fallen London to further an end with another country the Calendar Council is actually loyal to?

They appear to be a group of revolutionaries each claiming a different master as their nemesis, other than than that their agendas don’t seem to align.

Thanks Waffles54, every tip is appreciated. :)