Any news on new locations across the unterzee?

except for research expeditions and the self-damning SMEN , my main has exhausted his/her options across the unterzee.are the devs still working on unterzee material or are they still focusing on sunless sea? just curious.

as for other options in london, i still don’t feel like getting kicked out of the university, or the court due to attractive grinding options. and opening up nadir sounds awfully tedious. barring fate-locked options or opportunity card dependent storylets, what should i do next? currently i’m going to the iron republic again just to make use of the few brass rings i collected.

PS completed POSI or &quotendgame&quot stories in london: creating the hound of heaven, creating my own newspaper, all the mahogany hall storylets, affair of the box, velocipede squad, ending jack of smiles, all wilmot’s end storylets except those in foreign office, and war of assassins .

There was the thing with Mr Iron and Mr Pages on twitter that implied there might be some new content sometime soon. Which if it involves the Dawn Machine is probably Overzee, considering the actual Dawn Machine is [CENSORED BY THE ADMIRALTY BOARD]

Also you can’t do scientific voyages until you’ve completed the University storyline (whether you’re kicked out or not), so that’s all Overzee.
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Perhaps. But one bout of tedium will allow you weekly visits back to the Nadir Cave. These are frequently very rewarding. You will often return with a 62.5 Echo item for less than 10 actions(!)

I would encourage you set about opening the Cave of the Nadir while in London. New unterzee content may appear in time.

The Nadir would definitely be on my to-do list if I was you. You should also consider the Labyrinth of Tigers continuation, as that’s rather rewarding =)

The Nadir is definitely worthwhile. They’ve kept it good by preventing you from grinding it.