Any means of getting rid of 'Serious Offers'?

Mr Lamperouge is a regular guest and friendly face at the Brass Embassy, and has sold his soul at least once.

The easiest way to nuke your Hell Connection is if you haven’t already completed the Numismatrix storyline.

Simply complete the storyline, choose Hell as your “Closest To” and betray them by Rescuing A Certain Soul from Hell on their Connections card (Burning Shadows: The Devils Of London). Other methods listed in this thread are also all good ways to nuke the connection.

The other fastest way to get rid of those cards is to simply let them have your soul and to get it back later. Ironic, huh?

I know there is rules not to Spoil Fate/Nex locked content but I really need to know one small detail.

&quotA serious offer&quot.

If i spend 6 Fate to pick &quothear him out but protect yourself&quot. Will I be free from &quotAn Intimate of Devils&quot Cards, or would i have to do it all again?

If it removes those cards permanently its definitely worth it and i will gladly pay the Fate/Nex, but if it doesn’t its a Waste.
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It doesn’t permanently remove the cards.

Is it easier or harder to get your soul back depending on if the Devil or Deviless was the one to take it?

I don’t think it makes a difference. Both of them set the quality to 20, so if you spend Fate to go looking for your soul you can pick a completely different individual. I’m not sure which of those 4 branches is the easiest, though.

If you want to get your soul back in a Bundle of Oddities instead of spending Fate it really doesn’t matter who or what took it. It’s just a matter of getting lucky enough to roll the right value.

From what I can tell on the Wiki, and the text “This will open up a way to retrieve your soul, though it will require no little perseverance on your part” it seams no matter where I turn, the only way of getting rid of the "Intimate of devils cards for good is to lose my soul to them, and then either Spend fate and go through a process I don’t know the length or stat requirements of.

Or roll the dice who knows how many times until it MIGHT land in my favor… is that right? or am I missing something?

sigh oh well… thanks for the info anyway.

It’s not too long of a process. I had to do it a bunch of times when Seeking Mr Eaten’s Name (thankfully that didn’t require Fate), and while I didn’t pick the other options I’m pretty sure they’re all about the same length.

If you still have access to the University that’s your best bet for getting your soul back without Fate - specifically &quotthe student body&quot on the second cycle.

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