Any items to stockpile before heading over-zee?

Hello Delicious Friends, I’m afraid london has grown rather boring for a man such as myself and its time to take a journey off to explore the wild unknown of the Neath.

Fourthwall aside, I’ve never actually gone over-zee with any character and was wondering if there was any item I might need in great quantity before heading out. I guess it depends on where I might travel over-zee, but I’ll be exploring the whole of the unter-zee over time.

So what resources might I, or any other captains, need if my plan is to spend as little time running back to London to gather what I’m missing?

The Iron Republic requires a safe passage which you can get from doing the counting the days carousel. You may also want to sell all regular souls (the 1 penny ones) if you go there, as there is one action that would cost you 400 of them if you fail a luck check(it might be a quirk check).
If you bought Flint and can go to Adam’s way then you would want pass-phrases to stay there for more then 4 actions.
For Polythreme you should bring a battered grey overcoat to change into a cloths colony, and a exceptional hat, to turn into a +2 BDR pet. You can also bring surface silk and romantic notions to bribe your way through the Polythreme carousel (I would definitely recommend reading a guide about it as Polythreme’s mechanics can be confusing.):
If you are going to port carnelian for you governorship then bring some visions of the surface and mysteries of the elder continent if you want, they help but aren’t necessary.
You can also bring puzzling maps and zee stories if you wish to speed up your journey, you can use them in wolfstack docks and I believe you can use them in Port Carnelian and maybe other places.

I’ve gotten my hands on an Iron Republic Safe Passage, and I plan on exploring all of the Zee. Though I’m afraid Flint will need to wait until I can justify another infusion of Fate. Good to know about the Hat and Coat, any other suggestions?

Polythreme is painful, but you can bribe your way through. This will get expensive fast, but if you want to, 100 Surface-silk, 150 romantic notions, and either 15 volumes of collated research (investigating) or 75 mysteries of the elder continent (fascinating) will, i believe, ensure success on any loop for that type, with plenty to spare. notably, you’ll not need all of this, as even with horrible luck, using 10 payments should prove sufficient, saving you from collated research.

If polythreme is going badly, you can do this.

Good to know, thank you Grenem. I’ll make sure to have some spare before I zet zail.

You can grab most of those at any time in Polythreme. Makes it a lot easier.