Any advice on becoming a person of more importance

There seem to be a variety of options for people of some importance who can get one stat to 200 (for instance, becoming a mentor to a friend of mine who recently started playing). The problem is, I have no idea how to get there. My stats are all around 150 (the stat cap a little while ago when I completed all the current content), and I can’t find a single story that boosts any of my qualities by more than one change point per action (two points for a few actions if I equip a talkative rat and a bunch of other penalty items, but soon that will be down to one as well). Are there any late-game areas to train any stat, or should I just resign myself to not actually going after 200 in any mainstat?

You can always use Second Chances in your Lodgings for Watchful, Persuasive, and Dangerous. This is technically true of Shadowy as well, but for that you could also sell Casing in the Flit for 10 CP of Shadowy and some bonus Criminal connection if it’s lower than 50.

Hmm. The Casing thing seems a bit of a workaround, and while Second Chances are excellent for that I burned through my 100-some-stacks before that option was added, and now it doesn’t seem fast enough to be worth it farming for more.

Actions at the Carnelian Coast are quite challenging and doesn’t provide regular menace on failures. Mostly Persuasive, though.

Persuasive can be trained easily through the House of Chimes, too.

Going on heists provide +20CP Shadowy at the end of a successful heist regardless of length. It takes a bit more work than selling Casing but gives quite a bit more.

Playing Knife and Candle grant some Dangerous (+3CP on Attack), although the Moon League is too slow-paced for grinding Dangerous while the Iron League is a bit risky (try not to get any prizes item when playing the Iron League because people can steal them).

Some connection cards are inexpensive to train on. Examples are docks(?), revolutionaries, urchins and tomb-colonies. Also hell. All of these also have low level unlocks.

Carnelian Coast events are the same difficulty as Unfinished Business in Veilgarden, the Foreign Office carousel, Playing the Game at Wilmot’s End, and every other high-level story I can find—nothing gets more difficult. This is the problem I’m facing. Connection cards give far too small an increase to make a difference.