antique mystery and bazaar permit uses

Lately I’ve been thinking fondly of a goat from hell. Are antique mysteries, bazaar permits, primeval hints, night whispers, and love stories of much use in large quantities, like searing enigmas? (I heard something about the mysteries being useful in mutton island, and I’ll leave myself a buffer of ~10 each, but I’m past POSI and most content.)[li]

Well, Antique Mysteries and Bazaar Permits are needed in large quantity for two of the four-card lodgings, if you haven’t bought them already…

Night-Whispers are also probably going to be useful come Christmas, if you want to get an obscene amount of Lacre and have many more Storm-Threnodies.
EDIT: Wasn’t clear on that. Specifically, you can buy Buckets of So-Called Snow from the Urchins during Sacksmas, and it’s one of the few repeatable ways to grind Taste of Lacre (along with huffing Tears of the Bazaar). Last year the price was one Night-Whisper and seven Storm-Threnodies per Bucket.
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Antique mysteries are needed for a certain lodgings, as Jeremy Avalon said. They are also used if you want to acquire a LB bandit chief from the Big Rat. You’ll need one if you want to upgrade a raven advisor and one if you are following the &quotHeart’s desire&quot ambition.

Bazaar permits are needed for one of the lodgings, as Jeremy Avalon stated. They are also used for various POSI items, and they are useful for wedding planning. Two are needed to upgrade a raven advisor at the end of the shadowy line. Three are required if you are following the &quotHeart’s desire&quot ambition.

Primeval hints are not that useful. You’ll need two if you want to upgrade a raven advisor all the way. Two are also required for the &quotBag a legend&quot ambition. Finally, one is needed if you are associated with a certain artistic school and want to become closest with Bohemians.

Night whispers are best saved if you want Taste of Lacre during the holiday season. One is needed to become closest to Urchins. Four and one are needed for the &quotBag a legend&quot and &quotNemesis&quot ambition respectively.

As for touching love stories, they have many uses. It would take quite a while to go through all the uses, but they aren’t something I would sell. Most notably, they are used for raising Connected: the Masters of the Bazaar. If you really want to sell them, first convert them into bazaar permits for an average of 2 epa and for a rare success of a bottle of fourth city airag.

Ah, thanks! I’m glad I hadn’t missed any huge sink of these like the impossible theorem and enigmas, and I doubt I can draw the urchins thirty times, anyway. That’s a good tip about upconverting the love stories. Sweet goat, here I come.[li][/li][li]yeah I just drew a mood card, damn the thing. Didn’t even bother with upconversion in the end, but I Got A Goat! [/li][li]
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