An Underzee Shanty

The zhips that zail the Underzee
Like no other ships ever before
No stars, no tide, no waves to ride
No sun to cry out for
So get thee below and start to row
With yer brothers on the oar.

The zights you zee in the Underzee
Even ancient gods abhor
From monsters deep to where dead men creep
Or Mushroom’s deadly spore.
So off your rump and mind the pump
Or we’ll toss you onto the shore.

The zouls you meet in the Underzee
Will surely chill you to the core
The maidens drowned in Wolfstack’s sound
Men of clay and of rubber and more
And the monkeys goal’s to steal your soul
If you don’t finish every chore.

The talez that you hear in the Underzee
Are horrendous and more than mere lore.
The Devils! Great Games! The Eater-of-Chains!
And a smiling man’s murderous spoor!
So unless you would make bedmades of the Vake,
Keep an eye out for the Khan’s Ship ‘o War.

If you would zail on the Underzee, boy
Then pledge your word forevermore!
To the Captain, your god; he’ll not spare you the rod
But he’ll see that live’s worth living for
For one day, we will see if a Captain you’d be
Who knows what new future’s in store?

But the thingz you can be in the wide Underzee?
It is you who must open that door.
edited by FerroMancer on 3/17/2017
edited by FerroMancer on 3/19/2017