An Obsidian Well

I have a character pretty much ready to go north (it’s just finishing grinding an Ubergoat because… because) and I’ve been entertained by the idea of being able to symbolically throw them in a well once they’re effectively dead (or maybe literally, I’ll find out soon). Problem being, there isn’t any such well as far as I am aware. So I made one.

An Obsidian Well

We’ll see how this goes. If there isn’t any interest in using it I’ll shutter it. The idea is simple enough. Once you’ve gone NORTH, display your &quotWell (Stars)&quot quality on your mantel piece, submit your profile, and your character’s name (linking to your profile) and an epitaph (drawn from your &quotThey say…&quot section) will appear in the well.

IMPORTANT: Your name will only appear there if YOU submit it. I won’t be hunting down profiles and adding them. This is strictly opt in. The submission process is, necessarily, on your honor though so if you see your name in there and want out send me a PM or a note through the &quotFeed the Well&quot option and I’ll make sure to remove you.
edited by An Individual on 9/4/2016

This is fantastic. I’ll submit myself as soon as I go north, which should be either today or tomorrow if all goes as planned.

I love the idea of a sort of out-of-the-way monument for those who have left. A blank, obsidian hole where the names of Seekers have been inscribed as a final memorial.

The mental image reminds me of how the walls by the avid horizon are filled with the names and crimes of those seeking forgiveness. It isn’t strictly a firm parallel, just the idea of something out there that recognizes past Seekers feels so forlorn and ragged. I love it.

I second Maricolous, this is a really good idea and a fitting community monument to the mad people throwing their lives away. Almost makes me sad I didn’t go through with it, although my name can always be found on a certain pillar, begging for forgiveness.

What I always wanted to know is, who checks the wall to see that the name has been placed there?

Is this another task of London’s longsuffering mailmen?

May I recommend back-dating posts to their last echo (almost always the Pillars) so that people fall down the well in order? But I do think this is a most excellent idea.

I’m not sure how I feel about doing that. In my mind this is more like chucking something in a hole than ceremonially carving a name. Maybe it just took a while for people to find some of the frozen corpses. I’ll defer to the community though. If a lot of people would prefer back dating, I can do it.

Oh, and Maricolousa, welcome to the well.

My Alt, Nathaniel Grayborne ( has gone North. I submitted to your tumblr thing as well but it didn’t let me put the url thing there.

Welcome to the well. Thanks for pointing out that URL thing. I haven’t used Tumblr before and wasn’t aware of that restriction. I guess it’s to prevent spam. I’ve updated the instructions to request a part of the URL (ie. /Profile/An~Individual). In truth, as long as you have the character’s name you can get to the profile. My main reason for requesting a link is to limit typos.

I’ve submitted my name to the Well.

I also just wanted to say how much I enjoyed the inscription

Thanks for adding my name to the Well. (Not THE NAME, just A name.)

The Well is a ravenous void. It demands much. Thank you for sating it’s hunger, for a time.