An invitation to Dante's Grill

Delicious friends, I intended to invite my good friend the Sardonic Music Hall Singer to my salon, but our dear Captivating Princess showed up instead. I would be delighted to share some of the limelight her royal presence brought me with some of you at Dante’s Grill, should you care to invite me. (Provided I can get to invite you later this week). Contact me at my lodgings.

Sounds like you’re a PoSI, which means you’re not eligible for Dante’s Grill invite, unfortunately. If you want to try using up some of your MW before you trade it in for Notability, you can head to the Bridge Without in the Bazaar Side-streets and convert it into Night in the Town at the cost of some Influence items.

Argh! I hadn’t realised that PoSI weren’t eligible. Yes, I was already using the Night on the Town trick. Thx much!