An Invitation to an All Hallows Party (2014)

Hand delivered by bowler-wearing couriers for the upper class, you receive a 18&quot long box in sand-coloured fabric, tied with a midnight blue ribbon. Within, you are greeted by a unique and possibly disturbing sight - an invitation in the shape of a hand mirror. Silvered paper reflects hues and vague, blurry shapes amid elegant hand-painted letters across the false-glass. The base is carved wood, intricately cut with filigree encircling the oval face. Turning it over, the back of the mirror is decorated with exotic tropical foliage and flowers.

The text on the mirror is as follows:

(full size)
[td][i]Once a year the veil thins
We shuffle off these familiar skins
One night we become something else
Venturing where we are not ourself
Come, join our motley scene
And usher in All Hallows Eve.

Miss Irene Jenkins
invites you to a Topsy Turvy Gala
October 31st, 1892
Come as what you are not.[/i][/table]

(To see full invitation with playable storylets options for you to RSVP, go here.)

Topsy Turvy Theme

The [color=windowtext][url=]Fallen London RP community[/url][/color] is hosting an annual open party event for Halloween with the theme of &quotCome As What You Are Not&quot.  The event is available for anyone looking to dip their toes into the world of EBZ-RP, or even join in fully. The post will be put up the day of October 31st (in the U.S.), and will very likely be active for at least a month. So don't worry if you decide to join in a bit late.
 This event will take place on a Livejournal post, and each thread is the interaction between two people at a time. Since there will be interaction with many different people, you might want to review[color=windowtext][url=] [/url][url=]this page[/url][/color] (on a woefully un-updated wikia) for an understanding of what to expect from the play.
 Play will be occurring on Livejournal - but you can log into LJ with any Facebook, Twitter, Google or openID accounts you may already have, so you needn't make a Livejournal specially for this.

Well, I’ve certainly added the LJ group, but I’ve gone so long without any post of any form on it, I am almost loath to break my silence.

Now on the other hand, something to eat other then juniper berries…

Signal boost for the Topsy Turvy! If you won’t come for the men in dresses, then at least come for the spirits.

(Of all sorts.)
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The Party is posted! Come join the fun!

Come join the festivities! It’s slow going this morning because people are at work, but I welcome you to post an intro post and respond to others’ posts.

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